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Allie Chipkin is a Poughkeepsie native singer-songwriter based in Boulder, CO. Allie's premiere album, Honey & Knives (2014), served as a fiery launching point for her creative journey. In 2016, Allie received Honorable Mention at the Telluride Bluegrass Troubadour's Contest, and in 2018, she was 1 of 3 scholarship recipients to The Planet Bluegrass Song School, sponsored by SoundBridge Music. Allie released her sophomore EP, Cascades, in 2018. 

Listeners draw comparisons to Sara Bareilles, Joni Mitchell, and Fiona Apple. Allie's soaring vocals will immediately catch your ear, and her gut-stirring lyrics will keep you around to listen. Despite digging deeply, Allie keeps life's sweet levity and fun fresh on her fingertips. Expect to chuckle and feel deeply - all at once - during her live performance.

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Allie Chipkin’s music is a full brain massage. Her rich voice and melodies will satisfy your right-brain while her quick-witted lyrics light up the left-brain's intellect.”

— Mitchel Evans (Mitchel Evans & The Mangroves)

Upcoming shows

Previous events

Sanitas Brewing

Boulder, CO

Sanitas is partnering with Locke + Co. Distilling for this Barrel Aged Beer and Whisky Tasting Party!

Festivities start at 2:00pm with live music on the patio: Allie Chipkin - 2:30pm The Huffy Boys - 5:30pm

The Colorado Room

Fort Collins, CO

Allie Chipkin opens for Mojo Audio Band with a solo acoustic set and then joins them to sing several funk & soul favorites! Stop by and enjoy tasteful renditions of Aretha, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and more!

SRL Charity Fundraiser

Longmont, CO

Sustainable Resilient Longmont (SRL) is hosting their yearly fundraiser in conjunction with the 2018 Longmont Sustainability Awards. Allie will provide the evening's music!